Gruff Rhys – American Interior

Can’t wait for this album to be released, all about his distant relative John Evans, a farmhand who went to America to look for an apparently mythical tribe of Welsh-speaking native Americans. Interesting how that’s not completely far-fetched, that Vikings and the Welsh seem to have headed off to the Americas, and the former definitely knew they were there, traded and maybe settled in the north – and also came back – so why not Madog?

John Evans didn’t find the Welsh-speaking Indians he was looking for, but did become an explorer, and mapped the Missouri river – a map the famous Lewis Clark expedition used later.

SLACKCIRCUS Chvrches video

Love this ‘unofficial’ video for Chvrches ‘Strong Hand’ by SLACKCIRCUS (fresh from finally releasing their He-Man HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA cover on iTunes) which takes footage from the bizarre 80′s Crystal Light National Aerobic Championships which I’ve featured here before. Works great – love the little captions too. And the band love it also :-D

Skeetwood Mac & Trill Collins – Melker Project

We’re a sucker for Fleetwood Mac ANYTHING on Radio Clash (even produced our own Fleetwood Mash mashup album, still available!) so nice to see people still creating FM mashups like this Skeetwood Mac, taking Trill Rap and mixing it with FM. Love The Chain vs 2Chainz (so obvious, but then again it always is after the fact!) and Never Going Back Again vs Yung Joc. Not so sure about the two others, but that’s always the deal with mashup albums, really.

Seems since then the Melker Project has also tackled the Skeetles (The Beatles), Red Hot Trilli Peppers (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Trill Collins and others.

Really like the In the ToNas Nas vs Phil Collins mashup too:

Doncha know this mashup brings all the cats to your yard

Classic DJ Schmolli mashup ‘Don’t Cha Rock My Milk Shakes’ (Zoe vs Pussycat Dolls vs Kelis) which sure I’ve played on the podcast or out before, but given the Aristocats treatment ;-) Might’ve even posted this before, but it deserves a pearoast if so. Found via Crumplebangers page – click the ;-(!

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