8 bit Doctor Who Theme

Love this 8-bit version of Doctor Who! Talking of Doctor Who – more hunting around for other clips, I found that ‘More That 30 Years In The TARDIS’ is on Dailymotion in two parts (still didn’t find that BBC Radiophonic genesis of the Doctor Who theme clip I was looking for – maybe they cut it out from this extended version?)

This Is A Trent Reznor Video

I played Freddie Scott’s wonderfully evil parody of Trent Reznor / Nine Inch Nail songs on this week’s podcast, but it seems they’ve also done a very funny spoof of those 90′s NIN videos to go with it.

“Its almost time to hear the chorus
but first let’s listen to this weird sound

…what the hell was that?”

I’m kind of over of getting told to put my hands in the air

Great cover again by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox – one of my favourite off the album was their version of Lorde’s ‘Royals’ sung by Puddles the clown – and here we have ‘Team’ given the similar treatment. I’ve grown to hate this song a lot less since the rotation on 6Music, it has grown on me, but I still suspect Lorde Del Rey to be a one trick pony, another Carly Rae (or Whitetown for those older readers) rather than the New Kate Bush as touted. We’ll see.

Bomarr’s Wild Xmas 8

If you liked my Bah Humbug compilations and A Crumplebang Christmas, then I’m sure you’ll love Bomarr’s Wild Xmas series.

I’d love to say I was inspired by these (earlier ones have a lot of overlap with Bah Humbug) but actually I’ve only just heard of them via Mr Fab of Music for Maniacs blog.

If you like your Christmases mashed, cutup8-bit, outsider, weirdly covered or just plain strange then go and download the 8 compilations. Happy Outsider Xmas!

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