Skeetwood Mac & Trill Collins – Melker Project

We’re a sucker for Fleetwood Mac ANYTHING on Radio Clash (even produced our own Fleetwood Mash mashup album, still available!) so nice to see people still creating FM mashups like this Skeetwood Mac, taking Trill Rap and mixing it with FM. Love The Chain vs 2Chainz (so obvious, but then again it always is after the fact!) and Never Going Back Again vs Yung Joc. Not so sure about the two others, but that’s always the deal with mashup albums, really.

Seems since then the Melker Project has also tackled the Skeetles (The Beatles), Red Hot Trilli Peppers (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Trill Collins and others.

Really like the In the ToNas Nas vs Phil Collins mashup too:

Doncha know this mashup brings all the cats to your yard

Classic DJ Schmolli mashup ‘Don’t Cha Rock My Milk Shakes’ (Zoe vs Pussycat Dolls vs Kelis) which sure I’ve played on the podcast or out before, but given the Aristocats treatment ;-) Might’ve even posted this before, but it deserves a pearoast if so. Found via Crumplebangers page – click the ;-(!

Rhumbleboogie Andrews Sisters video remix

Talking of Zoot Boots 2, love this video by Mad Buddha for pomDeter’s Rhumbleboogie, a lot of fun…like the Bugs Bunny bits :-D And that’s not all, there are videos for every one of the Zoot Boot 2 tracks – how’s that for prepared?

And unsurprisingly oki’s and pomDeter’s Shimmy in the Bathtub (Wu-tang Clan – well Ol’ Dirty Bastard really – vs. Leonard Joy & The High Hatters) has an appropriately bonkers and fun video too, love the vintage dance sequences:

Zoot Boots vol 2

I know this has been slowly bubbling under for ages, but finally Zoot Boots 2 has arrived, the album of 1950s or earlier electroswing and vintage mashups.

Loving PomDeter’s Rhumbleboogie (yay! Andrews Sisters!) and g4gorilla’s Mony Mony Billy Idol vs Tommy Dorsey swing bootleg atm, and anyone who mashes Secret Love by Doris Day is my kind of bootlegger! Also g3rst’s Janis Joplin time travel effort transposing her to the 1930′s depression with ‘Brother Could You Spare A Mercedes Benz’ is well worth checking out too. And if oki’s and pom’s Shimmy in the Bathtub doesn’t make you smile, you is dead.

You can download the whole album here or listen to them below.

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