Tim makes a showreel

Usually promoting other people’s work – or sometimes mine in musical form. But finally got round to doing a showreel – a highlights reel more accurately. Just thought some of you might be interested what I do for a sort-of day job…

It includes everything from my video mashups to idents, stings, apps, tube adverts and animation for online. That included After Effects post-production (tracking, keying, matting, Expressions, titling etc) and animation from flat artwork/scratch, Premiere and Avid editing, design/artwork creation, grading/Looks, pseudo-3D animation, sound design and edit (the mashup in the backing track was my production also), sourcing and even some DSLR shoot in there for my own work ;-)

It relies rather heavily on the mashup work for several reasons: one, sadly I don’t have copies of everything I’ve worked on commercially, and lost some in a disk corruption. Two – I only really like to put up the interesting work, there is a lot of graduate videos and corporate video, which I’ve dropped the odd clip from but endless lower thirds != exciting video. Three – credit: I know of people who are strangely happy to claim other’s work including mine, but I only like to put stuff in if I did the majority of the work – but a contractor’s lot is quite often to polish the turd end product, and so it gets fuzzy who did what. But the mashup work I’ve done everything, usually as an exercise to explore some technique or show my editing and post-production skills – so it’s all me, well apart from the original source material, but that’s the general lot with editing, you usually don’t shoot it too (I have done that too, Modern renaissance man, me.)

Also – how exactly DO you show editing skills in a showreel, apart from the reel itself? I’m sure many people think “Ooh, nice jump cut there! I really love that fade! I love your A/B edit skills!” err, probably not…hence why it’s mainly the shiny stuff here.

Well anyway, now I’ve enticed you with candy, GIS’ A JOB! Weddings, bar mitzvahs, openings, closings…

RC 257: Sinking Under The Waves I Saw A Strange Brass Fox

As the band played on and I slid under the waves. I saw a strange new world, a chrome country of glittering golden brass bands and singing children, J-Pop stars singing death metal, a sailor’s daughter remembering the songs of her father, a dream of Belgian New Beat and electronic computerised pop. And foxes, obviously.

Then I realised it was all a promo for Kate Bush’s new tour so I escaped the ticket touts by getting on a flight to the South Indian ocean, as BA suggested on Oceanic 850. Bermuda Triangle Records here I come!

(Cover is various panoramas I’ve done but never posted over the last 2 years – Bestival, Scotland, Japan Festival, Painshill)

Pan Am Orama! Fox News, Live from the Burrow 24/7 (183Mb, 2:20)

  • BABYMETAL – Give Me Choco!!
  • Hackney Colliery Band – Prodigy Medley: Jericho / Out of Space / No Good
  • Jay-Z/Daft Punk – Computerized
  • pomDeter – Digital Train (2014)
  • 101 – Rock To The Beat
  • Airplane Crashers – I Have A Dream
  • Kacic Kullmann’s Five – Terjelator
  • Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal
  • Ananda Shankar – Streets of Calcutta
  • Electronic – Tighten Up
  • Fat Truckers – Roxys
  • freddyscott – This Is A Trent Reznor Song
  • BABYMETAL – Megitsune” (????)
  • Ghost – Crucified (Army Of Lovers cover)
  • Infinite Radio & The Shadow people – Iron
  • Future Islands – Fall From Grace
  • Sabina – Sailor’s Daughter
  • Grace Jones – Walking In The Rain
  • Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love (Version)
  • Oneohtrix Point Never – Chrome Country
  • Gavin Bryars – The Sinking Of The Titanic – Hymn 4 (Aughton)
  • Christopher Hobbs – McCrimmon Will Never Return
  • The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home (feat. Patrick Watson)
  • Frank Eddie – Stay Another Day (Frank Eddie Remix)

Walking The Wrong Way

A new year, a new blog it seems! I’ve always intended to do a blog about my photographic walks cum art project, and planned to end of last season. So before I start this one, here’s Walking The Wrong Way.

It’s got photographs! Maps, tracks and geolocation! Gizmos! Search by location! Tweets! My silly rambling – of both sorts! etc. I promise you, no Kendal Mint Cake, cagoules, Thermos flasks or 6am cold showers though.

There’s only 3 walks there at the moment, but as I’ve been doing the Thames ones since 1999 and the coastal ones since 2010 or 2011 or so, there are plenty from the archive to add…and of course as the weather has improved, the new ones. Planning to send the odd mobile blog during the walks too.

And yes, I do intend to walk around the UK along the Coastal path. Very. slowly. I’ve already done much of the Thames…(Henley on Thames > Cliffe) and Teynsham > Shoreham and quite a few bits beyond that (around Burnham, Lulworth and Bournemouth area for instance) need linking up along the coast.

EDIT: Just thought some of you who’ve never been to the UK or France. might not get what the brown logo means. Well this is what a Brown Sign is.

2013 Greenhithe - Swanscombe_20130728__DSC6259

Reality Engine TX 4: Found Unsound (Remnants)

The last Reality Engine TX release, and this is a collection of experimental ‘found sound’ pieces, ones that didn’t fit on any of the other TX series. Introducing the album and interspersed across it is my old modul-8 radio (mod.radio) jingles I did for the rudimentary Real Audio stream I had in 1999 showcasing acts on the modul8 webring. These come from a lot of what I call ‘Scan Jams’ – hours of scanner and Shortwave recordings, sometimes raw, sometimes with live additions like you’ve heard on these releases. I even have numbers stations recorded in the 90′s well before LOST and all that – so CONET try and sue me, I was there first :-P

First proper track is ‘Crash Out (Dotcom Crash)’ which you can hear above is a mashup of about 3 pieces – one was recorded when a music program called Orion crashed and named Electrocrash after the Great Electroclash Boom & Bust of 2002/3, another was a cutup from 2001 of the message you got when MP3.com disabled a lot of user uploaded tracks and was about a lot of the Dotcoms failing at that point, and another was me breathing through a child’s toy for a jingle for my modul-8 radio in 1999. You can get some of these tracks as bonus tracks if you download the whole album!

Also of note is the suite of tracks using music from a certain composer (very much abstractly/echoed I must say, legal ed.) and Exit Strategies is some sort of strange gregorian proto dubstep – I seem to remember it was an attempt to remix gregorian chants that went like all my original music rather awry, it dates from 2003 well before I knew about dubstep or anything like that so at the time I was like WTF? then but listening now it seems rather ahead of it’s time…shame like all of these things, from my proto-hauntology to this I just left them to collect dust on my old minidiscs.

Also TIXE EXIT comes from my experiments in intentionally scratching CDs or recording ones from the library, this is a re-edit of one from the early 00s, my old crappy Goodmans portable CD would glitch and skip at any opportunity so it wasn’t hard to induce it. I remember recording this at my mum’s flat.

The image is one of the first photos I ever did, at aged 8 or 9. It’s my friend Miles abducted by aliens jumping off a swing, taken on 126 Instamatic, so it all comes full circle.

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