Reality Engine – TX 3: Tartarus

It’s just over a year since I started the Transmissions (TX) series over at my Bandcamp and we’re coming almost to the end. The latest is a dark ambient experimental selection, chosen around the theme of Tartarus, the dark world where Nyx (Goddess of Night) lives, Cronos is imprisoned and is far beyond Hades. Think drones, caverns, Allegorical Caves, Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here, Aristophanes, burbles and profane strange noises. These come mostly from the same sessions where TX1: Forgotten Building comes from, but where that was mostly drippy, crystalline sounds, this is more about the murk, the dank, the rumble ;-)

You might dig it if you like old radiophonic library music, Boards of Canada, Einheit FM, that sort of thing, but it’s mostly formed from live experiments so although I’ve done a little re-editing here and there, it’s more free-form than structured, sound art than song. So don’t expect Justin Beiber ;-) It is also quite quiet too, I don’t master these like my mashups, so there is a lot of dynamics.

Best tracks for this release I think are ‘Stalagbytes (Cronus Sleeps)’ the track above, and the closing track which suggested it’s own title of ‘Time Wings Birds Lapse And The Echo Collapses’”

Should upload TX: 4 in the next day or so…

RC 256: I Have No Name For This (Fix It In The Edit)

[image: John, Hackney 2013]

The same rappers say they’re trooping the frontlines,
and casually use the word ‘Faggot’ as a punchline.
That’s not a man, that’s not a tough guy.
That is a sucker and a fraud to the culture!
Hip Hop is folk music grown from the struggle and
half these fools could put the mic down and run as a Republican.

Which Side Are You On?
Which Side Are You On?

Even friends of mine, jumped on line, just to become my adversary
They felt they were entitled to the dairy I made
They don’t come to chill or behave
And they got, toast ready to burn
Not learnin to live, but they yearnin to take what you earn

Well I, feel the world around me
I’ve found, that others, will bring you down, just to be down
You see – you’ve got to make up your mind, where you wanna be
And where you wanna go with your life

A strangely angry start to an eclectic show that seems all over the place but works out in the end. We go from psychedelic rock and modern gothabilly to hip hop, chiptunes, covers, ska instrumentals, ABBA metal, post-rock, 80′s electro pop, French pop and modern indie. It’s all there!

I’m a marionette, just a marionette, pull the string, I’m a marionette, everybody’s pet, just as long as I sing. (2:16, 174mb)

  • The NoMen – R-A-D-I-O
  • Malcolm McLaren With The Wild Strawberries – Foxy Lady
  • The Wytches – Robe For Juda
  • White Candles – Monolith
  • petit fantôme – Couvre-moi
  • Ghost – I’m A Marionette (ABBA Cover)
  • Hyemen & Metalfunkel – Here I Go Again
  • We Are The Catalyst – Don’t You Worry Child
  • Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox – Sweet Child O’ Mine (feat. Miche Braden)
  • Malcolm Mclaren – Deep In Vogue (Banjie Realness Mix)
  • Vivien Vee – Alright
  • Tobiah – I Love Your Music
  • J Dilla – Trucks
  • Fat Truckers – I Love Computers
  • Peter Serafinowicz – Dalek Relaxation Tape
  • Pictureplane – Goth Star
  • HEALTH – Goth Star (Pictureplane cover)
  • De La Soul – Held Down (feat. Cee-Lo)
  • B. Dolan – Which Side Are You On
  • Augustus Pablo – East Of The River Nile
  • Roland Alphonso – Ska Ra Van (Aka Caravan) (Take 3)
  • Claudine Longet – How Insensitive
  • Jacques Dutronc – Amour toujours tendresse caresse
  • James McKeown – Life Aboard The International Space Station
  • Mogwai – Remurdered
  • Wild Beasts – Palace
  • Malcolm McLaren – About Her
  • The Mahavishnu Orchestra – You Know You Know
  • christ. – perlandine friday (live at koneisto festival, finland)

RC 255: Pop Is Dead #3 – Bottom of the Pops

How’s about that, then? Goodness gracious as it ‘appens guys and gals we have another episode of the Pop Is Dead series, this one about the Topper of The Poppermost, Always In Colour Top of the Pops! Awight! Not ‘alf!

Let’s see the chart rundown, while the Disco Dolllies, St Wunniful’s School Choir and Pan’s Hot Legs run away from being groped to various popular tunes of the day, Pop Pickers! Let’s start at 10 and go down, just how I like ‘em! *boom boom*

But seriously folks, do you like my silly hat? It might help me as a disguise in a future court case. Oh dear, it’s the end of the show, here comes PC Plod, and so was I with a Mini Pop..

Quack-Quack Oops! It’s a Non-Mover at 16…Much Too Old. (146Mb, 1:56)

  • Cuban Boys – Inertia Kicks (radio edit)
  • Pet Shop Boys – Ego Music
  • Denim – Here Is My Song for Europe
  • Soft Cell – Monoculture (Playgroup Remix)
  • Nick Lowe – Shake and Pop
  • Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – Do Re Me, So Far So Good
  • The Rezillos – Top of the Pops
  • The Kinks – Top Of The Pops
  • Gonzales – Bottom Of The Pops
  • Lupe Fiasco – Dumb It Down (featuring Gemstones & Graham Burris)
  • Non-Prophets – Mainstream 307
  • DJ Drama & Dead prez – Far From Over
  • Cassetteboy – Skoko!
  • Stan Freberg – Sh-Boom
  • National Lampoon – Art Rock Suite
  • 10cc – The Worst Band In The World
  • NoFX – Medio-Core
  • The Divine Comedy – Dumb It Down
  • Akala – Find No Enemy
  • Desmond Dekker – Where Did It Go
  • Susanna & the Magical Orchestra – It’s A Long Way To The Top

RC 254: It’s Raining Fags And Dykes (aka The Bisexual Flood)

It’s raining, you’re pouting, the old man is flaming…

A UKIP councillor think gays caused all the flooding, possibly believing that because we have a rainbow flag, we can somehow control the rain? I wasn’t aware we had such magickal power, but apparently not only we will Destroy All Civilisation with our Gay Marriage Ray, we can now control the weather like the Weatherman in The Changes (or Esteban in Mysterious Cities). Nice to know!

A rather downtempo affair this one, this is the proper start of 2014 show, I feel. Although the year hasn’t started that well, I have to say…oh the scanner I mentioned is irreparably broken, you know the one that cost me silly money a year or two ago, just to add to the ‘Wonder of 2014′. Can I go back to 2013 now? No? Humph.

2014 2014 Go Away, Come Again Another Day…Actually No, Just go away and stay there. (2:05, 166MB)

  • Nicholas Pegg – UKIP Shipping Forecast
  • SabreWulf – Carry the Weight
  • TEEMID & Joie Tan – Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover)
  • Jungle – Platoon
  • LOWKEY – Who Really Cares
  • Broken Bells – Holding On for Life
  • Starcadian – He^Rt
  • Maxïmo Park – Leave This Island
  • Diebold & Cataluna – White Rabbit (Remix by Steve Bourasa & Rhythm Stick)
  • Betoko Vs Gemma Hayes – Wicked Game
  • The National – Clampdown
  • Wild Beasts – Wanderlust
  • The Limiñanas – Un Ballade Pour Clive
  • Iggy Azalea – Slo
  • Autre Ne Veut – Counting
  • Radiohead – Creep (Theatre Of Delays Remix)
  • Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms
  • Claudia Brucken & Andrew Poppy – Running Up That Hill
  • The Lost Jockey – Matters Of Theory
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Their Helicopters’ Sing
  • Fissunix – The Moonchild and the Fire
  • Sparks – Computer Girl (demo)
  • DJ MikeA – You Can’t Always Melt A Dollar Bill (Modern English vs. Rolling Stones vs. John Lennon vs. Screaming Trees)

Image originally by Morien Jones

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