Gruff Rhys – American Interior

Can’t wait for this album to be released, all about his distant relative John Evans, a farmhand who went to America to look for an apparently mythical tribe of Welsh-speaking native Americans. Interesting how that’s not completely far-fetched, that Vikings and the Welsh seem to have headed off to the Americas, and the former definitely knew they were there, traded and maybe settled in the north – and also came back – so why not Madog?

John Evans didn’t find the Welsh-speaking Indians he was looking for, but did become an explorer, and mapped the Missouri river – a map the famous Lewis Clark expedition used later.

SLACKCIRCUS Chvrches video

Love this ‘unofficial’ video for Chvrches ‘Strong Hand’ by SLACKCIRCUS (fresh from finally releasing their He-Man HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA cover on iTunes) which takes footage from the bizarre 80′s Crystal Light National Aerobic Championships which I’ve featured here before. Works great – love the little captions too. And the band love it also :-D

I’d watch this

One of the few ‘gay cards’ I have is a love of Golden Girls, mostly because Bea Arthur ROCKED. So I’d watch Super Golden Friends if it was real too ;-) (via DJ Jay-R)

Porn Sex vs Real Sex

Despite the odd age block on the YouTube version, this is safe for work. Well, unless you have something against food. A good demonstration of how real sex differs from porn sex.

3 minutes though? Really? Only statistic there that I don’t get with, I must be an outlier…and obviously these statistics would be very different for LGBTQ. (via Have A Gay Day)

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