The other Radio Clash – Joe Strummer & Clash on air

On Christmas Day the remaining members of The Clash got together to do a show called Radio Clash (no I don’t mind fellas, really…plagiarism is the first form of flattery etc :-p ;-). It’s really good but of course will only be up for a few days.

As part of that 6Music is repeating some of Joe Strummer’s London Calling shows originally for BBC World Service. Long time readers will of course hav these as I’ve posted them in the past at varying quality but if you want them at lovely BBC quality I’d bet it’d be worth ripping or listening to these!

Joe Strummer on Night Network 1988

I used to watch Night Network, and this show, but sadly missed this one as this guy’s interview technique actually works here for once! This is during Joe’s ‘lost’ post Clash years, in 1988, just before the first Mescaleros release ‘Trash City’. I love how he talks about being stiffed for CD royalties!

Joe Strummer 10th anniversary

It’s 10 years today (well yesterday now) since the death of Joe Strummer.

Strange how the life and death of Joe Strummer – more so after he died – weaves in and out of mine even though I never knew the man directly.

Being involved with London Booted the Clash mashup album in 2003, the start and naming of this very podcast and blog relating to that, the gradual introduction to The Clash past from just knowing the Mescaleros and the singles, the mashup album, falling in love with his radio shows and the documentaries…it’s grown and grown rather than faded away.

And in my mind Peel who died in 2004 and Strummer in 2002 are related, in the real world with the early formation of BBC 6Music but mostly in my mind…both people who loved music and wanted to show the world it’s infinite varieties – and in the case of Joe also his politics which I think came from a love for people and hatred of oppression and how badly they are treated.

So here are links to some of those Strummer related posts in my life, like counting the fence posts as you stroll over the fields.

Interestingly today I spent listening to the new records I missed in 2012, listening to new music exclusively. I can think of no better way to honour the man who always had a boombox and a tape of ‘too future’ music by his side ;-)

RC 224: GYBO RIP Part One – The New Skool

Sadly as mentioned on the blog Get Your Bootleg On – the 10 year old mashup forum is to close – certainly the bootleg forums are now gone. Here’s the first part of commemorative shows (sounds like a Franklin Plate: here buy the 2002 Mashup Edition with Extra Goldleaf Missy!) where I’ve taken the first 5-6 pages of GYBO and featured the tracks there – just to show the creativity and diversity of the place. And to give GYBO a sort of wake.

What I thought might be difficult to find good stuff I eventually had the opposite problem – too many good mashups! This also harks back to the first Radio Clash podcasts back in 2004-6 which were originally an all mashup.

As mentioned in the show I need your help for part 2 – which will be the ‘Old Skool’ edition. What was the first mashup you heard on GYBO? Or the favourite one you’ve heard in these 10 years? Usual address, or try the contact form above or the comments below.

What No Clayton Counts or Weiser? (2:17 138Mb)

  • Captain Obvious – Madonna Has A Kiki (Madonna vs Scissor Sisters)
  • S.I.R. Remix – Call me Maybe (Hands Up! Give me your Heart!) (Carly Rae Jepsen vs Ottowan)
  • Mashed And Confused – I’m Finally Horny (Mousse T Vs Ce Ce Peniston)
  • Thriftshop XL – Pump up the 212 (Topless Harry Hill Mix) (Azaelia Banks vs Technotronic)
  • G4Gorilla – I’m Back With Roses (Outkast vs Dean Coleman & The Partysquad feat. Michael Bryan)
  • DJ Spider – How Does It Feel La La La (LMFAO vs Kylie)
  • Michmash – Monster Can’t Dance
  • MashMike – Tacatá (Lederhosn Remix) (Tacabro vs. Haindling vs. Tag Team vs. Lady GaGa)
  • G3RSt – I Want Stacy’s Mom
  • Loo & Placido – Beat It Freaks (Michael Jackson vs. Yuksek vs. The Noisy Freaks vs. Richard Cheese)
  • RUINMYTUNE – Luv U Single Ladies
  • DRA’man – Get the model
  • No Saturday Night Surgery – What Makes You Stop Believing (One Direction vs Journey)
  • ViC – Michael83 (INXS vs. M83)
  • LeeDM101 – Midnight Moon (M83 vs. Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  • JaxOhmboy – NumBear (BearopjiggaFuced it mix)
  • Zigmond Fraud – Hittin The Devil Beats
  • DJ Schmolli – Rock Of Ages (2012)
  • Fissunix & CLT – Moon Steam
  • Onelove – Lazy Scrubs (Bruno Mars vs TLC)
  • GenErik – Empire Heart of Gold (Neil Young vs Jay-Z)
  • mARKYbOY – Crimson Cologne Cerrone Houdini (Goldfrapp vs Morcheeba)
  • Maxko187 – Something About Us (Daft Punk vs Kesha vs Will Smith)
  • daftbeatles – Heart of Glass (Blondie vs Philip Glass)
  • FreeMan88 – The Great Dictator Final Speech vs Time by Hans Zimmer

Photo taken by Pelican used under Creative Commons as John White who made the original ORLY? owl is rather litigious – the inspiration for this image is this excellent animated GIF which has gone into GYBO folklore

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