BBC Radiophonic Workshop rare footage

Firstly is a good mix of clips of all the archive footage – you’ll recognise some of this in later videos.

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for – but the bonus is finding some rare footage of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Above is the Workshop in 1964 – with Jenyth Worsley, Maddalena Fagandini and Desmond Briscoe. Audio is an excerpt from ‘Private Dreams and Public Nightmares’ which follows in full.

Before Delia and the more (in)famous members, it was started by Desmond Briscoe and Daphne Oram. Here is one of their Radio Inventions, a Radiophonic Poem – Delia did some later with Barry Bermange, but here is an earlier original attempt in 1957. It comes out rather scary, really:

Here’s a short piece on Delia Derbyshire by Stuart Maconie for Inside Out, this was what they had playing at the Doctor Who exhibition when I visited it:

Creation of the ‘new’ Doctor Who theme, Peter Howell on Music Arcade, 1980 – which was the favourite theme of Delia’s of the remakes, because it was entirely new. It of course features his beloved vocoder ;-)

Five Days at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, a program to celebrate the 30th anniversary so must be 1987. Features Elizabeth Parker, Peter Howell, Jonathan Gibbs, Richard Attree, Roger Limb, and even Dick Mills.

And more recently Vinyl Factory have an interview with the current members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop live band:

8 bit Doctor Who Theme

Love this 8-bit version of Doctor Who! Talking of Doctor Who – more hunting around for other clips, I found that ‘More That 30 Years In The TARDIS’ is on Dailymotion in two parts (still didn’t find that BBC Radiophonic genesis of the Doctor Who theme clip I was looking for – maybe they cut it out from this extended version?)

So many tears: RIP Frankie Knuckles

Sad to hear one of the fathers of house has died due to complications with diabetes, Frankie Knuckles.

It’s funny, most of the tracks people know are mainly Jamie’s jams, hence here is Your Love which also became part of one of the most successful bootlegs ever, The Source’s ‘You Got The Love’. Never totally sure if Frankie was on the desk, synth or what with these, but it didn’t matter, his touch or taste was legendary. Baby Wants To Ride, Whistle Song, Tears and one of my other faves, I’ll Take You There as Director’s Cut (him with Eric Kupper), re-uniting him with Jamie Principle:

Hoping this is some spoof or fake, and he’s alive and well, but it seems to check out. :-( The Chicago or Detroit house community seems quite small so there isn’t some major direct news line, it is just personal Facebook and label blogs. That’s how everyone found out about Manny ‘Nitro Deluxe’ Scretching Jr. for instance.

Enjoy Acid Rock

Answering the question that all of you have been wondering all these years: how DO you dance to Belgian New Beat, the post-acid proto-rave music?

Well here are some leather clad strippers dancers to show you how, dancing to Frank De Wulfe aka Rhythm Device’s Acid Rock.

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