RC 219: (Not) Space Disco 3.2: Loving the Alien

We continue the journey through space loving the gay alien with the second part of the  Space Disco 3 show, this is mostly not space disco at all – hence the title – but a continuation of the journey from space disco to electro, funk and chicago house, featuring re-edits and remixes, as well as a lot of 80′s classics. I think this mix works really well, and is one of my best in a long time!

Dedicated to those we’ve lost: Ron Hardy (DJ at the Muzic Box, first person to play acid house), Sylvester (the Black Angel), Patrick Cowley (synth pioneer) and Arthur Russell (future jazz/funk/disco alien).

Big kisses and thanks Thomas for help providing some of the tracks.

The Third Agender (1:47, 105Mb)

  • Copycat – Blind Esmeralda (Sylvester vs Santa Esmeralda)
  • Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle – Bad Boy (The Movie Mix)
  • Pluuto – Isn’t it Crazy (Razormaid mix)
  • Ron Hardy – Sensation (Short)
  • Robert Owens – Bring Down The Walls
  • Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (Razormaid mix)
  • Gay Marvine – Heaven
  • Bottin – Eagle
  • Sylvester – Menergy (Deep House Remix)
  • Frankie Knuckles – Baby Wants To Ride
  • Anne Clark – Our Darkness (Razormaid Mix)
  • Virgo Four – In A Vision (Instrumental)
  • Jamie Principle – Waiting on My Angel (Dub Mix)
  • Frankie Knuckles Feat. Jamie Principle – Your Love
  • Sylvester -  I Need Somebody To Love Tonight
  • Sylvester – You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) – Live

RC 218: Space Disco 3.1 – Waiting On My Angel

First part of a new Space Disco show – but rather than the previous shows mostly covering the prime of late 70s Italo Disco and Space Disco, this goes into what happened next, aka Close Encounter of The Third Gender – Where No Man Has Gone Before Without A Whistle And a Glow Stick (And Some Poppers). Aliens, orgies, polysexual, glamorous, dramatic, synthetic, futuristic, camp, dayglow and endlessly pumping, what’s not to like?

So it’s disco, space disco, hi-nrg, electro, experimental funk hybrids into Chicago House – what kept the space beats (and space beast) alive into the 1980s. The first part covers mostly the disco and Hi-NRG era, with occasional forays into very early house music…which gives the episode it’s title.

Both shows are dedicated to those we’ve lost: Ron Hardy (DJ at the Muzic Box, first person to play acid house), Sylvester (the Black Angel), Patrick Cowley (synth pioneer) and Arthur Russell (future jazz/funk/disco alien).

P.S. It was Giorgio Moroder’s birthday yesterday – happy birthday Giorgio!

Zeus In A Tight T-Shirt GoGoing With Ganymede, Dionysus in the Darkroom(1:07 – Yes it’s a short show for once! – 67Mb)

  • Jamie Principle – Waiting on My Angel (Club Mix)
  • Ganymed – S’Punk
  • Sylvester – Stars
  • Ganymed – Saturn
  • Patrick Adams Presents Phreek – I’m A Big Freak (R U 1 2)
  • Sylvester – Do Ya Wanna Funk (Joseph Watt Remix)
  • Material – Take A Chance
  • Arthur Russell – Go Bang
  • Gay Marvine – Baby, Let’s Trip Out
  • Sylvester – Take Me To Heaven (An Ian Levine Remix)
  • Ganymed – Stand By Your Love

RC 214: Playing Hooky

3 weddings, 2 DJ gigs (I’m kinda of a DJ!) and one New Order gig…that was 2011. Hopefully 2012 will be quieter/busier (delete as applicable). And hopefully I don’t turn into the Shit Bears Say skit…already invented cubstep and dumbstep so far…Amazeballs!

Various covers of New Order, I talk about The Artist, Canterbury Group and early 90′s Welsh pop, the aforementioned wedding, the New Order gig at the Troxy (GILLIAN WE LOVE U!), play an uptempo mix, some Star Wars rave and at least one track that is the Anti-Wedding!

Dubstep is the SHIT!!!! Wuwubuwub… (100Mb, 1:49)


  • Shit Bears Say and Leftovers
  • Destroyer – Leave Me Alone (from MOJO’s Power Corruption and Lies Covered)
  • Instamatic – Wedding Hounds (Futureheads vs Billy Idol – For Ian and Naomi)
  • The Simonsound – Tour de Mars
  • S.C.U.M. – 5-8-6 (from MOJO’s Power Corruption and Lies Covered)
  • Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Gigamesh remix)
  • Grum – Together Together (bootleg)
  • DJs From Mars – Eine Kleine Big Booty Bonkers (Dizzee Rascal vs. Bombs Away vs. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) (Best of Bootie 2011)
  • Gay Marvine – Doyouwannafuck? Do You? (Sylvester re-edit)
  • Mark Archer (Altern-8) – Frequency (Chevron Remix)
  • Lobsterdust – Roll It (Salt-N-Pepa vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. A-Trak) (Best of Bootie 2011 )
  • Dunproofin’ – All The Way Free
  • Mark Archer – Don’t Make Me Destroy You (Rave Wars II – The Hardcore Strikes Back )
  • K-X-P – Murder (from MOJO’s Power Corruption and Lies Covered)
  • Paddy Roberts – Don’t Upset the Little Kiddywinks
  • Wendy O’ Williams and Lemmy – Stand By Your Man (thanks to Music For Maniacs!)
  • The Soft Machine – Why Are We Sleeping?
  • Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Meth Aros Tan Haf (Can’t Wait Till Summer)
  • tbc – Her Breath Is The Wind (Rhiannon’s Breath) (Fleetwood Mac vs Sia)
  • Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Sometimes the father is the Son
  • Paddy Roberts – Growing Old
  • Another’s Blood – Lonesome Tonight (from MOJO’s Power Corruption and Lies Covered)

Gay Marvine welcomes you to the Bath House

It seems that 2011 has been the year of the re-edit – yes re-edits have been around since the mid 80′s (another heyday) or even earlier as early DJ remixes from Greg Wilson and Larry Levan were mostly just tape re-edits. But the current taste for nu-disco and chillwave/frosty echoed 80′s sampling ambience has put re-edits back on the map.

Talking of Larry Levan, current pretender to his throne of the disco re-edit is Gay Marvine. Only recently heard of him probably because until the last year or so his hyper limited 12″s were indeed as secret as a darkroom…but now the recent volumes and Greatest Fixes LP are available digitally on the likes of iTunes, Beatport (where I discovered him) and Boomkat. Highly recommended is his 3rd Gender 12″ and Greatest Fixes…taking such oft remixed likes of Fleetwood Mac, Duran Duran, Sylvester, Kate Bush, Heaven 17 and Sister Sledge and giving them a modern re-rub that doesn’t sound too repetitive, but adds something new.

If this gets you all steamed up, then check into the bath house via the mix above, and don’t forget your towel!*

* yes I can’t believe I just wrote that either ;-) A career in PR awaits…not!

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