Rastatroll Battyboy Sound System

I don’t know who Rastatroll Battyboy Sound System are, but I LOVE YOU. Very funny, very rude, very NSFW, making a queer dub reggay cutup dancehall mashups. Years ago I downloaded some dancehall acapellas with the idea of taking the piss out of them, I could never get anything that worked, but glad someone else had the same idea and made it work! There are several mixtapes having a Queer Old Time With Allan Carr (?) in Dutty Dutty Pink Babylon.

And yes this is VERY Crumplebanging.

Me got me Oystah Card…

LOVE. Mark Professor, production by WrongTom (he’s doing reggae now? Got one of his first LP in my collection) waxing lyrical about public transport! And on David Rodigan’s show too – soon to be released on new Reggae/Dancehall label RongoRock. WANT!

DJ Derek

Love this short documentary about Bristol reggae & RnB legend DJ Derek – before Rodigan there was Derek Morris DJing classic ska, reggae and soul tunes. Also into real ale and buses? Yay! Although in a ‘Bus Soundclash’ John would win for bus knowledge – since he’s been ‘on the buses’ since the 70′s or 80′s! Let the battle commence ;-)

Anyway here’s part two: (via Jez CMP)

Reggae Rehab / Elvis Gangja Fever

Hot on the heels of Junior Blender’s Adele and Cee-Lo reggae versions, here’s Amy Winehouse having a reggae rehab from Reggaesta.

Also from Reggaesta is the very incongrous Elvis In Reggae…not so sure about these, but the version of Fever made me LOL and reminded me of the excellent Easy All-Stars version of Money:

Although if you’re talking reggae Fever as a song, it’s all about Susan Cadogan version, here in the Upsetters dub:


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