RC 219: (Not) Space Disco 3.2: Loving the Alien

We continue the journey through space loving the gay alien with the second part of the  Space Disco 3 show, this is mostly not space disco at all – hence the title – but a continuation of the journey from space disco to electro, funk and chicago house, featuring re-edits and remixes, as well as a lot of 80′s classics. I think this mix works really well, and is one of my best in a long time!

Dedicated to those we’ve lost: Ron Hardy (DJ at the Muzic Box, first person to play acid house), Sylvester (the Black Angel), Patrick Cowley (synth pioneer) and Arthur Russell (future jazz/funk/disco alien).

Big kisses and thanks Thomas for help providing some of the tracks.

The Third Agender (1:47, 105Mb)

  • Copycat – Blind Esmeralda (Sylvester vs Santa Esmeralda)
  • Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle – Bad Boy (The Movie Mix)
  • Pluuto – Isn’t it Crazy (Razormaid mix)
  • Ron Hardy – Sensation (Short)
  • Robert Owens – Bring Down The Walls
  • Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (Razormaid mix)
  • Gay Marvine – Heaven
  • Bottin – Eagle
  • Sylvester – Menergy (Deep House Remix)
  • Frankie Knuckles – Baby Wants To Ride
  • Anne Clark – Our Darkness (Razormaid Mix)
  • Virgo Four – In A Vision (Instrumental)
  • Jamie Principle – Waiting on My Angel (Dub Mix)
  • Frankie Knuckles Feat. Jamie Principle – Your Love
  • Sylvester -  I Need Somebody To Love Tonight
  • Sylvester – You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) – Live

RC 218: Space Disco 3.1 – Waiting On My Angel

First part of a new Space Disco show – but rather than the previous shows mostly covering the prime of late 70s Italo Disco and Space Disco, this goes into what happened next, aka Close Encounter of The Third Gender – Where No Man Has Gone Before Without A Whistle And a Glow Stick (And Some Poppers). Aliens, orgies, polysexual, glamorous, dramatic, synthetic, futuristic, camp, dayglow and endlessly pumping, what’s not to like?

So it’s disco, space disco, hi-nrg, electro, experimental funk hybrids into Chicago House – what kept the space beats (and space beast) alive into the 1980s. The first part covers mostly the disco and Hi-NRG era, with occasional forays into very early house music…which gives the episode it’s title.

Both shows are dedicated to those we’ve lost: Ron Hardy (DJ at the Muzic Box, first person to play acid house), Sylvester (the Black Angel), Patrick Cowley (synth pioneer) and Arthur Russell (future jazz/funk/disco alien).

P.S. It was Giorgio Moroder’s birthday yesterday – happy birthday Giorgio!

Zeus In A Tight T-Shirt GoGoing With Ganymede, Dionysus in the Darkroom(1:07 – Yes it’s a short show for once! – 67Mb)

  • Jamie Principle – Waiting on My Angel (Club Mix)
  • Ganymed – S’Punk
  • Sylvester – Stars
  • Ganymed – Saturn
  • Patrick Adams Presents Phreek – I’m A Big Freak (R U 1 2)
  • Sylvester – Do Ya Wanna Funk (Joseph Watt Remix)
  • Material – Take A Chance
  • Arthur Russell – Go Bang
  • Gay Marvine – Baby, Let’s Trip Out
  • Sylvester – Take Me To Heaven (An Ian Levine Remix)
  • Ganymed – Stand By Your Love

Sexy space disco nu-disco house mix from Chile

Roman S from Chile sent me this mix, and I have to say it’s right parts sexy nu-disco, acid, old style house/chillwave or whatever it’s called now – in fact it is very now.

Especially like the acid tinged intro track and the Frankie Knuckles ‘Your Love’ (Tu Amor) cover – I WANT that version! ‘I need your love’ works far better in Spanish, and of course keeps the erotic groove of the original.

La Llamita Mixtape (previously unreleased tracks) 2010 35′ mins by Roman S

disco will never die – nowdisco nu-disco/neo disco long mix

What is nu/neo-disco?

I asked myself that recently – disco is in my genes (jeans?) yet I was confused at what had happened to the genre since 2008, and at all since I knew hardly any of it (I thought, it partly turned out a matter of genre labelling for a few acts I already knew!)…and you know me, I like a challenge…so I did what I do when I don’t know a genre – I make a mix! Nothing better than concentrating your mind and finding out what’s what than planning a mix.

So I did some research and asked loads of people for suggestions – so big thanks go to eve massacre, ian fondue and @iainh  for introducing me to some of these tracks and bands/producers :-D

So ‘nowdisco’ a 90 minute live Traktor mix is the result…from classic disco re-edited to 1984-style electrodisco to balearic/chilled disco to nu-acid house to modern cosmic (space) disco and a dash of old-skool italodisco from all over the world. I hope you enjoy this sunny disco modern mix.

disco will never die! download nowdisco (127Mb, 90 mins) Or stream/download the whole mix from Soundcloud or at Fairtilizer.


  • Pink Project – Disco Project
  • CFCF – You Hear Colours
  • Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane remix)
  • Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire (Aeroplane Pop Remix)
  • Hercules & Love Affair – Classique #2 (Edit)
  • James Yuill – This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)
  • YACHT – Psychic City (Rory Phillips Remix)
  • Classixx – I’ll Get You (Feat Jeppe)
  • Grace Jones – Williams’ Blood (Greg Wilson Version)
  • O. Children – Dead Disco Dancer (The Golden Filter Remix)
  • Del Shannon – Gemini (Pilooski Edit)
  • Headman – Private Show (Video Edit)
  • Social Disco Club – Acid Town
  • Hard Ton – Earthquake
  • House Machine – A.C./I.D.
  • Hard Ton – Losers
  • The Juan MacLean – Happy House
  • The C90s – 10:01 (VillA Remix)
  • Golden Bug – King Of Kong
  • The Pointer Sisters – Send Him Back (pilooski edit)
  • Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – Beggin’ (pilooski edit)
  • Fake Blood – Fix Your Accent
  • Goldfrapp – Rocket (Richard X Eight Four Remix)
  • Quixote feat. Lisa Li-Lund – Before I Started To Dance (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

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