Trunk TV – old BBC intros

Lovely journey back in time to see rare TV title sequences from the BBC courtesy of Jonny Trunk. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore….partly because the program would be over before the titles finished…long, much? Still better than the current ‘shrink em down and talk over them’ approach, that must be depressing for those who spend hours creating them…(via ben soundhog)

Walking The Wrong Way

A new year, a new blog it seems! I’ve always intended to do a blog about my photographic walks cum art project, and planned to end of last season. So before I start this one, here’s Walking The Wrong Way.

It’s got photographs! Maps, tracks and geolocation! Gizmos! Search by location! Tweets! My silly rambling – of both sorts! etc. I promise you, no Kendal Mint Cake, cagoules, Thermos flasks or 6am cold showers though.

There’s only 3 walks there at the moment, but as I’ve been doing the Thames ones since 1999 and the coastal ones since 2010 or 2011 or so, there are plenty from the archive to add…and of course as the weather has improved, the new ones. Planning to send the odd mobile blog during the walks too.

And yes, I do intend to walk around the UK along the Coastal path. Very. slowly. I’ve already done much of the Thames…(Henley on Thames > Cliffe) and Teynsham > Shoreham and quite a few bits beyond that (around Burnham, Lulworth and Bournemouth area for instance) need linking up along the coast.

EDIT: Just thought some of you who’ve never been to the UK or France. might not get what the brown logo means. Well this is what a Brown Sign is.

2013 Greenhithe - Swanscombe_20130728__DSC6259

Don’t worry your pretty head

This image from Vox Political sums up my disquiet over the gagging law, and the silly idea that water cannons might’ve been good for putting out fires in the London Riots (not actually good for rioters though, as ACPO has admitted – but still, good reason to cut 10 Fire Stations then, eh?).

Yes you’ve got it right, they’re closing 10 London Fire Stations, but want to pay loads more money for water cannons, selling it also as a riot fire prevention measure. And hot on the heels of a law trying to stop protest during election year.

Funny thing is, Dave wants to cut red tape (regulations that actually have a real reason to be there, but who cares about safety eh?), but under his guidance the CPS are more than happy to use an obscure vagrancy law from 1824 to prosecute people taking food from a skip near me outside Iceland – the supermarket didn’t want the prosecution either – and thankfully has just been dropped since the supermarket wasn’t happy, and it was all really bad press for everyone concerned.

You cannot make this stuff up anymore, the truth is just, well, too horrifying.

The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain at the Proms

uogbOn Tuesday I made my first ever trek to the BBC Proms to listen to silly ukelele music and nearly 1,000 people play Ode to Joy, as you do.

Yes I was at Proms 45 to hear the The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain – an 8 piece band, they’ve been going for24 years doing frankly ludicrous and humorous covers on the most unlikely of instruments – the ukelele. I’m sure they in part are responsible for the current UkeTube trend of recording unlikely covers on ukeleles and resurgence of interest in the Ukelele (a 19th century hawaiian instrument, fact fans!) taking it out of the George Formby and into the 21st century.

The set was great, they played the regular set (I bought Live in London #1 and Anarchy in the Ukelele DVD and the Live CD closely matched what they played) – they started with their cover of Anarchy in the UK  – strange to hear the whole audience sing along to a Sex Pistols track in the Albert Hall – the aforementioned Ode to Joy where nearly a 1,000 ukeleles (you can do a Where’s Wally on me and John with that pic – hint I’m wearing my Berlin crossing tshirt) brought by the audience played along and they did their excellent covers of Wuthering Heights, Psycho Killer,  Teenage Dirtbag (loads of blank faces on that one while I was merrily singing along), Pinball Wizard and a great cover of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries going into Hawkwind’s Silver Machine which had John in stitches.

Best moments for me were the heckler who shouted ‘Judas!’ after one of the band said ‘We were rather hoping at this juncture to perform a traditional English piece of music…but we’d thought we’d give em a rest in fact do a classic English rock song ‘ (he’d been talking about Black Sabbath earlier so maybe it was also a request LOL) and the part where they played their medleys, which are basically mashups, singing one song on top of another, Humph style – they’ve been doing the ’4 Chords’ thing years before that became an internet sensation.

They were doing Melange (which I’ve posted below) which includes Angels, Sympathy for the Devil, Heroes, You Sexy Thing, Waiting for My Man, If I Was a Carpenter, Hey Jude and others – and the whole Albert Hall started waving their ukeleles lighter-style. It was a wonderful moment.

You can still hear the live broadcast at Radio 3 until next week, and hear a program about the UOGB (as they are to their friends) here but here are a few MP3s from the ‘Live in London #1′ CD which I heartily recommend buying.

  • Melange (includes Sympathy for the Devil, Heroes,You Sexy Thing, If I Was a Carpenter, Hey Jude and more)
  • Life on Mars (simultaneous segue – Bowie, My Way, Born Free, For Once in My Life
  • Wuthering Heights

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